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Muso Discovery Lab

Creating an experiential journey for children’s museum to evoke wonder, empathy, and curiosity 


Role :
Experience Design & Research


September 2020 - March 2021


Museum of Solutions,
Bricolage Bombay


Project under NDA

Designing the Discovery Lab

MuSo Lab is the key experience in Museum of Solutions consisting of Discovery Lab: an experiential gallery on the 8th floor which is activated by a theme in action and a Make-lab on the 9th floor activated by programs and workshops.

The experience spread across two floors, takes children on a journey to explore elements of I Play Discover Connect and Make.


The experiences are aimed at children in the age group of 8-14 years old coming as individuals as well as school groups. This project focuses on the journey of the Design team towards creating an experience design concept for design development for MuSo Discovery Lab.

The concept presented in this project is currently in development and is expected to launch by November 2023.


My role on the team

As a part of the Design team at MuSo, I worked on Experience Design for MuSo Discovery Lab and co-leading the user research and design workshops required for the process.
As one of the two designers on an interdisciplinary team of educators, architects, and researchers, I brought a research-led perspective and participatory approach to the process through application of generative design research tools and methods for creative learning practices.

My key contributions to the project

  • Overall Experience Design for the journey along with other designers

  • Leading concept design on Investigative zone

  • Visual Storytelling for the Journey

  • Leading Participatory Design & Research

  • Gamification of experiences


Key learnings 

Keep things simple, easy to move, and build on. Simplicity of interactions created space for rich conversations to happen.

Balance the experience with the right mix of storytelling, knowledge, and calm moments to empower children to explore and pique their interest. Create space for many journeys to happen simultaneously. 

The project was an rich mix of tangible and intangible aspects of experience design - architecture, education, and research working simultaneously. It was an enriching deep dive into multi-disciplinary collaboration.



Designing with children at MuSo gives a detailed insight into the participatory design process at MuSo and my learnings as a part of the MuSo team while framing it.

My work on the project including research collaterals, concept directions and process developed is under NDA with the Museum of Solutions, JSW Group.
Do reach out to me if you would like to know more.

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