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Tackling BNPL's darkside

Reimagining GenZ's relationship with buy now pay later

Mahima Madhok 
Aishwarya Narvekar


12 weeks, 2023 


GenZ is struggling. BNPL is growing

BNPL’s growth in e-commerce has been phenomenal and it’s only increasing. It currently captures 5% of the UK E-commerce market valued at £6.4 Billion and is projected to increase to 10% by 2024. Yet people using BNPL are struggling, especially GenZ. With the cost of living crisis, GenZ is struggling with money and is increasingly becoming reliant on BNPL (buy now pay later).

Through this project we aim to empower GenZ to become informed users of credit tools to strengthen their financial well-being. Dough, the outcome of this project is focused on building financial resilience among younger generations in the UK, especially GenZ, by addressing the lack of knowledge around buy now pay later (bnpl) and emerging forms of credit.

project process
The problem statement with evidence

How might we enable GenZ to become informed and empowered users of BNPL and other emerging credit tools?

Creating and delivering value with Dough

We aim to provide Dough through a B2B2C model to make it visible at the Point of Sale (POS) on the merchant’s website through a BaaS (banking as a service) provider.

With Dough, we intend to create value for our GenZ consumers as well as our customers, Retail merchants. We help the consumers understand their spending position at the Point of Sale to make an informed decision, something that was well-appreciated in our user testing. & Use rewards, cashback to keep them on track toward their positive financial health. 

For retailers we help build consumer relationships towards long-term loyalty and comply with New Consumer Duty by shifting the focus on consumer wellbeing

Concept Validation

The concept was tested with 20 users and 4-5 industry experts across finance, technology, and behavioral science. Dough was well appreciated by GenZ & and industry experts for concept newness, impact, and usability. 

Moving forward, we’re open to funding, partnerships opportunities to build out and pilot our MVP. 

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